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We are here to help you hear your best!

Here are some of our most common questions. If you have a different question, 
write to one of our specialists by filling out the form on the contact page.

How do I know if I have a hearing loss?
Signs of hearing loss include:

• Having to ask others to repeat themselves often.
• Difficulty following conversations with background noise or in group situations.
• Finding children’s and women's voices difficult to hear.
• Having the TV or radio turned up louder than normal.

Will my hearing aids restore my hearing to normal,

like my eyeglasses do for vision loss?

Hearing aids will greatly improve your hearing, but they can't restore your hearing to completely "normal." Even though they make sounds easier to hear and understand, you will not hear as well as when you were 20 years old.

Can I try out hearing aids before I commit to buying them?
No, but you can wear the hearing aids for 30 days during which time the instruments can be returned for a refund. During this time, you may also request that the hearing instruments be adjusted (no charge) to provide optimal comfort and sound so you can experience the best possible performance.

Is it difficult to adjust to wearing hearing aids?
Wearing hearing aids for the first time requires that you re-learn how to hear. Today's hearing instruments are sophisticated but flexible. They can be adjusted to almost any hearing loss or hearing environment. Adjusting to hearing aids is different for everyone. For the best results, simply be patient and persistent.

Will my ears feel sore after wearing my hearing aids all day?
When you begin wearing hearing aids, you can expect to experience some slight tenderness as you adjust to them sitting behind your ears. Usually, you forget that they are there after wearing them for a couple of weeks.

Will hearing aids make my tinnitus (ringing in the ears) worse?
No. Most people with tinnitus actually experience a decrease in tinnitis while wearing their hearing aids.

How long will my batteries last?
Battery life depends on the length of time you wear your hearing aids, the type of circuit, and the size of battery you use. 

Will my hearing aids whistle in my ears?
Most of the modern hearing aids have eliminated this problem, but feedback can be a result of your hearing instruments being inserted incorrectly or your volume being too high. If adjustments to the fitting and volume do not correct the feedback, check your ears for wax. Occasionally, that could also mean you have a crack in your tubing (if your aid uses tubing).

If I have a hearing loss in both ears, do I need to wear two hearing aids?
Hearing Healthcare Professionals usually recommend wearing two hearing aids for people who have hearing loss in both ears. This is called a binaural fitting. Two hearing instruments help to improve hearing in noise, localize sound, and improve clarity and sound quality. Studies have shown that people are more satisfied with their hearing aids when they wear an aid in each ear.

How will I know which style of hearing aid to purchase?
Your hearing healthcare professional will recommend a hearing instrument style based on the following factors:
• your particular degree of hearing loss 
• special features you require 
• your manual dexterity 
• your cosmetic preferences 
• your listening needs 
• your lifestyle considerations 
• your budget 

How long do hearing aids last?
The life of your hearing instruments depends on the style, how often you wear them, the amount of earwax produced, etc. On average, most hearing aids last five years before they require replacing.

Can hearing aids help me to hear in background noise? 
Yes. Digital hearing aids that offer directional microphones, combined with noise reduction, offer sophisticated ways of processing sound to reduce as much background noise as possible. However, noise cannot be completely eliminated by any hearing instruments.

Are there any additional fees if I chose to cancel my order? 

Yes. If you decide to return your hearing aids for any reason at the end of your 30 day trial period, there is a non-refundable Programming/Consultation fee.


Hearing Aid Drop-offs

Typically, in-house services take place within the same day. If the hearing aid(s) have to be sent for repair, we'll let you know ahead of time, and they should be back within 7-14 business days. Given the nature of the service being provided, we cannot issue refunds after the fact, and credit card chargebacks will be reversed immediately. All devices being dropped off MUST be picked back up within 60 days or they will be considered surrendered. Thank you for your understanding.

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