Hearing Aids

We offer the best hearing aid technology for every loss and budget

Everyone's hearing loss is different, so there is no one specific hearing aid that is best for everyone. But that's why we offer several brands and models that meet our high standards for Performance, Reliability and Value.

We offer hearing aids by Oticon, Sonic Innovations, Phonak, Unitron, Starkey, Signia, GN Resound, Rexton, Bernafon, Hansaton & more!

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Lifestyle: Quiet, Socializes Infrequently

ADVANCED: $995 ea.

• Newer Technology: 100% digital, directional mics, and optional basic remote control.

• Automation: Basic.

• Budget: A deciding factor.

• Goals: Wants to hear family, TV, and small groups.

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Lifestyle: Active, Socializes Occasionally

HIGH-TECH: $1495 ea.

 • Current Technology: 100% digital, directional mics, and optional Bluetooth remote control.

• Automation: Fully automated.

• Budget: Not a major concern.

• Goals: Wants to hear better in all environments.

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Lifestyle: Very Active, Socializes Frequently

ULTIMATE: $2495 ea.

• Upgraded Technology: Current technology PLUS all the "bells and whistles" and a free dehumidifier.

• Automation: Highly intelligent automation.

• Budget: Not a concern.

• Goals: Wants to hear great in all environments.