• EARWAX REMOVAL DROPS: This doctor-recommended earwax removal cleaner dissolves earwax in as fast as 15 minutes. The gentle, dual-action formula targets oils in the outer ear canal and breaks up wax buildup like it’s a bad date. Great for sensitive skin. Rinsing bulb not included.
  • EARWAX REMOVAL: This dual-action formula breaks down earwax to help with ear irritations and buildup simply by adding a few drops to the ear canal. Wait 15 minutes, then rinse with a bulb syringe (not included) or use WAX BLASTER MD (sold separately).
  • EARWAX TOOLS: Earwax is a combination of sweat, dead skin, and a waxy secretion. Both our EARWAX MD earwax removal solution and WAX BLASTER MD ear washer kit help fight the discomfort that comes with wax buildup, earbuds, ear plugs, hearing aids, and ear pods.
  • EARWAX BUILDUP: Hey you, put down the cotton swab. EARWAX MD products safely help dissolve wax without using a cotton swab, as cotton swabs further impact the wax. Earwax is beneficial for protecting the ear from dirt and bacteria, but too much can cause tinnitus, hearing loss, and more.
  • EAR CARE: Eosera Inc. EARWAX MD is clinically shown to help clean and clear earwax. Other products include: EARWAX MD for Kids, WAX BLASTER MD, EAR ITCH MD, EAR ITCH MD NIGHTTIME, bulb syringes, and EARWAX PET.

Ear Wax Removal Drops for Ear Cleaning