• BREAKS DOWN & DISSOLVES WAX: Ditch the cotton swab. EARWAX MD drops clean away earwax buildup for a clear and fresh feeling.
  • DUAL-ACTION FORMULA: With the gentle one-two punch formula, EARWAX MD breaks down and dissolves earwax so you can hear those voices in your head again. Great for sensitive skin.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: In a clinical trial, EARWAX MD cleared 86% of ears in one to two 15-minute treatments.
  • WORKS IN AS FAST AS 15 MINUTES: Working quickly, EARWAX MD cleans away earwax in as fast as 15 minutes.
  • EAR CARE: Eosera Inc. EARWAX MD is clinically shown to help clean and clear earwax. Other products include: EARWAX MD for Kids, WAX BLASTER MD, EAR ITCH MD, and EARBUD CLEANING KIT.

Ear Wax Removal Kit and Ear Cleaning Tool