• Flaunt Great-looking Skin - Boost your self-confidence by minimizing acne scars and spots. Make these blemishes nearly invisible with the help of this scar cream! Get even better results when used with MiraCells Skin Relief & Support.
  • Natural Blend of Plant-based Extracts – Unlike other brands of scar cover cream, MiraCell’s formula is filled with powerful, plant-derived nutrients focused on fading scars. These components work harmoniously to minimize blemishes while supporting great skin.
  • Effective for Scar Acne Removal - Getting rid of scars is easy with MiraCell. Consistent application minimizes scarring while promoting a radiant complexion - thanks to its nutrient-rich, plant-derived moisturizers.
  • Benefits Skin of All Ages – Our anti-scar formula contains no fillers or potentially harmful ingredients. It is safe for everyone to use. In fact, you can also use this scar cream for burns and surgical marks on children.
  • Easy to Apply; Quickly Absorbed – This scar cream works on both old scars and new ones. It is easily absorbed by your skin for long-lasting results. We have also created this visible scar remover to be travel-friendly, so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

Miracell - Natural Scar Support Cream